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Intranets – a parable explained (Part 2)

February 17, 2013

HighWall_Tom_Joliffe I tried to think of different ways of approaching this topic and using a story seemed the best. I’ve had some complementary comments about the story too but what does it all really mean?  Quite simply it’s all about the death of the intranet as we know it.

Let’s start at the beginning and I’ll explain as we go along.

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Intranets – a parable (Part 1)

February 11, 2013

HighWall_Tom_Joliffe‘A man once had a garden. He grew vegetables for a living and liked it well enough. His garden had high walls all around it so no one could look at his garden and see how he grew his vegetables but he never thought about the walls much, the walls had always been there and probably always would. So every day he worked in his garden and did the best he could. His produce sold okay, not great but it provided a living, and so he kept doing what he had always done before.

Then one day a salesman knocked at the gardener’s door. With a glib smile he showed the gardener what he said was ‘the future of gardening’. ‘Why bother with lots of tools when you only really need one and here it is!’ With a flourish he pulled a sheet off a huge gold coloured machine. ‘This is it, the Golden Machine. It will do everything that a walled garden needs, for walled gardens like yours are really special and so must have special machines. Look here are some endorsements’.

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