About Patrick C. Walsh

patrick c walsh I have lived most of my life in the Midlands in the UK at a time when the automotive industry was king. Having spent thirty years or so climbing the greasy pole from a lineside inspector to becoming a Quality and Environmental Manager in a large automotive group I became interested in information architecture and usability through setting up an online integrated quality/environmental/health and safety manual.

I left the automotive industry to set up an intranet from scratch for a large local government department and then worked at the BBC as an Information Architect for over five years. Projects for the BBC have included BBC Homepage, GEL (Design Pattern Library),  BBC Music, BBC intranets data quality, the internal CMS and the semantic web.

I’m currently working with the BBC’s Radio and Music Team as a User Analyst trying to figure out what our users really want and need.

13 Responses to “About Patrick C. Walsh”

  1. Jed Says:


    I write articles for publication on the website of my employer, Prescient Digital Media (Toronto, Canada) http://www.prescientdigital.com

    I would like your permission to use your lean intranets posting as the basis for an article, with full credits given to yourself of course. As I commented on the posting I found it fascinating, and instead of just writing a couple of response postings on my blog, dealing with some of your points, I would like to give it fuller treatment in a longer article if thats OK with you. Let me know if your OK with this please at jcawthorne at prescientdigital dot com



  2. Nic Price Says:

    Hi Patrick, good to read your blog.

    Which part of the BBC do you work in/which part of the intranet do you work on?


    [Ex-BBC intranaut]

  3. patrick c walsh Says:

    Hello! I am doing some consulting for the Gateway team and looking at the intranet as a whole. I think they picked me because of my experience in the auto sector. Although I’m also involved in other projects (see the great Archive collections http://www.bbc.co.uk/archive) I’m looking forward to being involved with taking the intanet to the next level (I hope!)



  4. Nic Price Says:

    Excellent stuff. Onwards and upwards! 🙂

  5. DH Says:


    I was thrilled to find your article, A Map-Based Approach to Content Inventory, last night. Do you mind emailing me? I have more questions. Thanks.


  6. Andrew Says:

    Hey Patrick, where abouts is the link to your RSS feed? I would like to subscribe.

  7. patrick c walsh Says:

    Finally found out how you can add an RSS button. Hope it works!


  8. Mary Says:

    Hi! I loved your article!I am starting a community on Facebook called “Corporate Intranets”. I posted the first link there today. I noticed there are no pages, or groups dedicated to this topic matter. I would love to share some of your articles, do you mind?

    • patrick c walsh Says:

      Thanks for your interest. Please feel free to link to anything on the blog.

      Best of luck with the community,


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  10. JSB Says:

    Patrick, your career story gives me hope. I’m a corporate communicator who’s been focused mainly on sorting out a corporate intranet mess for about 3 years now. Why 3 years? Well, because of the vicious cycle you talked about in your recent post.

    Anyway, I really want to move away from corp comm and into IA and usability. I love it and your story has given me hope that it’s not a pipe dream.

    • patrick c walsh Says:

      I think that ex-intranet or internal comms people might often make good IAs because they have had to live with and try to solve problems that IAs coming from other disciplines may never see in their working lives. When you have lived with poor usability you know good usability when you see it.

      Best of luck

  11. […] Patrick C Walsh was inspired by an award ceremony at a recent conference for the Best Intranet Homepage to writeDis/integrate your intranet for a better user experience. He found reviewing the award submissions a depressing experience because, when comparing the 2012 potential award-winners with composite image of 10 intranet homepages created by the “guru of web page usability” (New York Times) Jakob Nielsen in 2005, Walsh discovered that not much had changed in homepage design in the intervening seven years. […]

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